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▧ City of Spas

The therapeutic springs of Budapest have been soothing travelers for millennia. Close to the picturesque Danube River, the ancient Roman ruins of Aquincum show remnants of baths dating back to 80AD, though the springs were in use by the Celts long before the Roman Empire took over.

Located mainly on the Buda side of the Danube, the city’s older bath houses provide a glimpse of Budapest history. The Ottoman-style Rudas and Király baths were built during Turkish occupation in the sixteenth century and are still in use today. The 1913 Széchenyi Medicinal Bath in Pest’s City Park is an iconic neo-classic building, the 1918 Hotel Gellért an example of art nouveau design. These ornate bath houses helped make Budapest an early contender in the medical tourism industry, earning it the nickname ‘City of Spas’.

Today, the spas of Budapest are still a major drawcard. Thermal springs are thought to ease a variety of ailments, including arthritis and asthma, and most public baths offer additional wellness treatments like massage, physiotherapy, and hydrotherapy. In recent times, Budapest’s baths have also become the venue for dance parties, with DJs, laser shows, performance artists, and live musicians creating the ‘sparty’ – an event unique to the Hungarian capital.

All hotels have direct access to thermal springs, and offer wellness services and full business and conference facilities onsite.

1 Danubius Hotel Helia

4 stars / Budapest

Opposite Margaret Island on the bank of the Danube, this hotel offers massage and beauty treatments, and has a salt cave with Red Sea salt, sauna, indoor pools, and steam and thermal baths onsite

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2 Danubius Grand Margitsziget Hotel

4 stars / Budapest

This ambient historic property on Margaret Island is positioned amid parkland, jogging paths, and cycling tracks. The adjoining spa offers a cardio center, indoor and outdoor pools, an ‘adventure’ pool, hydrotherapy, cosmetic surgery, and the full range of spa and beauty treatments.

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3 Danubius Hotel Gellert

4 stars / Budapest

An iconic spa hotel, Hotel Gellért opened in 1918 and has since undergone several interior renovations to keep it up-to-date. Original art nouveau details such as ornate wrought ironwork, stained glass, and mosaic tiles give the building old-world ambience. A wave pool, effeverscent bath, saunas, sundeck, and massage are available in the world-renowned Gellért Baths.

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4 Aquaworld Resort Budapest

4.5 Stars / Budapest

Attached to the biggest indoor water park in Budapest, this modern hotel and conference center is located just outside the city center. The complex offers includes a day spa, ‘Watsu’ (water shiatsu), gym, tennis, sauna, Kid’s World play center, a dentist, and access to Aquaworld.

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5 The Aquincum Hotel Budapest

4 Stars / Budapest

This luxury hotel in Buda is located on the bank of the Danube. The onsite Aphrodite Spa Health & Wellness Center offers modern-day Roman baths with spring water from nearby Margaret Island. The spa also offers ayurvedic treatments, Dead Sea salt baths, Thai massage, and a variety of indulgent spa therapies.

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6 Danubius Health Spa Resort Hévíz

4.5 Stars / Budapest

This resort in the spa town of Hévíz, has two thermal pools, a hydrotherapy pool, hot air bath, log sauna, and full wellness center. Yoga, aqua fitness, hiking, cycling, horseriding, and tennis are also offered onsite.

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7 Velence Resort & Spa

4 Stars / Velence

On the shore of Lake Velence, this hotel complex includes a water park, spa, and conference center. In the summer months, guests can enjoy private beach access and two outdoor pools, while a thermal pool is available in spring and autumn. Indoor baths are open year round.

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8 Greenfield Hotel Golf & Spa

4 Stars / Bukfurdo

Located in the small spa town of Bük, this large complex has modern rooms, indoor and outdoor pools, spa, massage, golf, and full conference facilities.

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9 Danubius Health Spa Resort Bük

4 Stars / BukFurdo

Full fitness and spa facilities are offered at this resort at the foot of the Austrian Alps. Nordic walking, tennis, bowling, squash, and golf are all offered onsite, as are spa amenities such as thermal pools, solarium, gym, air showers, and adventure pool.

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10 Danubius Health Spa Resort Sarvar

4 Stars / Sarvar

Growing in international renown as a spa resort, the town of Sárvár boasts thermal springs and a rich medieval history. The Danubias Resort promotes wellness with a Finnish sauna, thermal baths, medical center, healthy cuisine, yoga, and range of outdoor sports and activities.

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